Collection: M.B. Wood

Malcolm Wood came to the USA at age 14 and graduated from Aurora, Ohio High School and then went to Kent State University for a degree in chemistry, which took six years due to working full-time. Three years later, he decided to fulfill a promise he made to himself. After two years of travel around the world, he resumed a career in chemistry and obtained a MA in economics. About thirty years ago, he became a registered professional engineer, with two disciplines (petroleum and environmental engineering), which led to a career in finance, and later, environmental consulting.

It was about this time, he resumed writing fiction while working for a company that prepared economic analyses on specific industry sectors. Since these publications contained a significant element of fiction, he started writing. He attended numerous writing workshops and joined the Cleveland Science Fiction Critiquing group (also known as the Cajun Sushi Hamsters from Hell), which had such writers as Geoff Landis, S. Andrew Swann, Charles Obendorf and Maureen McHugh. Their critiques and comments pushed Malcolm hard to improve his craft. Almost twenty years ago, he formed the West Side Writers Fiction critiquing group, dedicated to writing at the highest professional level. During this time, he finished twelve novels plus a biography of his travels.

His activities include obtaining a private pilot’s license and a competition driver’s license. In addition to writing, he finds time to ski, hunt, taste wine and enjoy gourmet food.

M.B. Wood