Collection: John Harrison

John Harrison began his career directing rock videos and collaborating with famed horror director George Romero for whom he composed the scores to Romero’s CREEPSHOW and DAY OF THE DEAD. Harrison wrote and directed multiple episodes of Romero’s classic TV series, TALES FROM THE DARKSIDE before helming TALES FROM THE DARKSIDE, THE MOVIE for Producer Richard Rubinstein and Paramount Pictures which won Harrison the Grand Prix du Festival at Avoriaz, France. He has written and directed multiple TV episodes for a variety of networks as well as world premiere TV movies and miniseries, including the two Emmy winning miniseries adaptations of Frank Herbert’s DUNE and CHILDREN OF DUNE which he wrote, directed and co-produced. He co-wrote the Disney animated feature, DINOSAUR, and wrote and directed the theatrical adaptation of Clive Barker’s BOOK OF BLOOD. Harrison’s three-episode mini-series RESIDUE, which he created and wrote, is on Netflix. He is currently writing and directing episodes of the CREEPSHOW TV series on Shudder/AMC, as well as writing/directing the new horror podcast, SOUNDS SCARY.
John Harrison