Collection: Robert W. Chambers

Robert W. Chambers (1865–1933) was an American fiction author and artist.  

 Born into a prominent Brooklyn family, Chambers completed his initial studies at the Art Students League. He then moved to Paris for courses at the École des Beaux-Arts. After showcasing his artwork in prestigious galleries, he returned to New York and shifted his focus to writing, a move that would define his life.  

 Chambers’s successful literary career began with the 1894 publication of In the Quarter, a novel based on his time as a student in Paris. He would later explore diverse genres, including science fiction, historical fiction, and children's books. He also wrote works of romance, many of which achieved bestseller status.  


But it was Chambers’s The King in Yellow, a collection of interconnected weird tales published in 1895, that cemented his legacy. The story collection profoundly influenced H. P. Lovecraft, and likely remained in print primarily due to Lovecraft's endorsement. Lovecraft and his contemporaries would often lament that Chambers never realized the full potential promised by his early stories. Nevertheless, The King in Yellow would go on to inspire countless writers. It remains one of the cornerstones of American supernatural fiction.

Robert W. Chambers