Collection: Bill DeSmedt

Bill DeSmedt’s professional life thus far has been a superposition of orthogonal career paths — system designer/developer, artificial intelligence researcher/practitioner, management/technical consultant, ontologist/knowledge engineer, husband/father/lover, omnivorous reader with a soft spot for science fiction and science non-fiction, and now —saints preserve us! — technothriller author. The resulting sum over histories has spawned the Archon Sequence, consisting so far of the award-winning Singularity and Dualism, with Triploidy on the launch pad. Prior to these first forays into speculative fiction, Bill’s writing credits have included an unconventional attempt to marry the fields of cognitive psychology and software system design for DataBase Programming & Design magazine, a chapter on artificial intelligence in foreign language learning for Melissa Holland’s Intelligent Language Tutors anthology, a beginner’s guide to natural-language processing in game development for the Computer Game Developers Conference, and a treatise on storytelling as a tool of military command for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. Bill and his wife Kathrin currently divide their time between a sundrenched villa on the shores of the Pacific and a hilltop aerie overlooking Milford PA — a town whose rich tradition in philosophical and speculative literature provides a source of unending inspiration.
Bill DeSmedt