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Collapse: Clash of the Aliens 1

Collapse: Clash of the Aliens 1


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In this post-apocalyptic world, Taylor MacPherson organizes a group of refugees who become a bastion of democracy in a sea of anarchy.

Tested in violent battles with brutal warlords, Taylor establishes a society in which the rule of law prevails. However, just as the first buds of civilization blossom, a massive alien space ship draws near Earth…

A series of electromagnetic pulses brought the world to its knees.

But that wasn’t the end, it was just the beginning.

Some who survived turned to Taylor MacPherson, and he has given them hope. After many years, they’ve carved out a bastion of democracy in the sea of chaos that is the post-apocalyptic Earth. His people are proud of what they’ve built. They are free and willing to fight for a new society of rules and order, but can they handle what comes next?

But outsiders were watching.

For thirty years a massive spaceship from the alien Qu’uda’s has been heading for Earth. Our planet would make a perfect new home. The aliens have invested their lives in the search for a new breeding home. They intend to take it all.

The stakes are high.

You’ll love this epic science-fiction struggle, because M.B. Wood is a master storyteller.

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eBook ISBN 978-1-68057-023-6

Trade Paperback ISBN 978-1-68057-021-2

268 Pages

Author: M.B. Wood


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