Meet The Team


Kevin J. Anderson and Rebecca Moesta

Associate Publisher and Project Manager

Marie Whittaker

Administrative Assistant

Tracy Griffiths

Publishing Assistant

Kait Brown

Distribution Manager

Adriel Wiggins

Lead Editor

Mia Kleve

Production and Layout Artist

C.J. Anaya

Proofing Team

 Tara Henderson

Jonathan Miller

Meagan Upole

Aysha Rehm

Holly Smith

Nikki Winchester

Zach Ritz

Bob Vitas

Pat Olver

Angela Grant

Pat Smythe

Jim Lehane

Leslie Bridgwater

Cheyenne Sampson

Sheryl Hooker-Dzambik

Kelly Adams

MaryJane Strickland

Steve Fletcher

Patricia Weber

Marni Leigh

Cat Lee

Jamie Greenway