Collection: Padriac Colum

Padraic Colum is a Newbery Honor-winning author, famous for collecting folklore from around the world and for being a significant part of the Irish Literary Revival in the early 20th century.

He was born in Ireland, the oldest of eight children, and moved to the United States in his later youth. There, he created collections of children’s stories honoring various heritages across Europe. Some of his works include The King of Ireland’s Sons, The Adventures of Odysseus, The Castle Conquest, and The Flying Swans. Three of his children’s books have been awarded the Newbery Honor Prize and a first edition copy of At The Gateways of the Day was gifted to President Barack Obama.

He also wrote poems, plays, and created the screenplay for an animated film. His plays helped found the famous Abbey Theater, one of the country’s biggest cultural centers. Some of his plays include The Saxon Shilling, Mogue the Wanderer, Broken Sail, and The Land. Additionally, he compiled Irish folk songs and adapted them.

Thanks to the efforts of Padraic Colum, a rich heritage of international lore has been preserved and shared throughout the world.

Padriac Colum