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The Clash of the Aliens Boxed Set

The Clash of the Aliens Boxed Set

eBooks $3.99. Trade paperbacks $14.99. Hardcovers $24.99. Enjoy the best constant prices for WordFire Press books here. (Excludes applicable taxes & shipping fees. Prices may vary for specialty products.)

lash of the Aliens is a post-apocalyptic, dystopian science fiction five-novel series. The series mixes A Game of Thrones with alien contact as the human race battles two invading alien species while within its ranks it faces lust and infidelity, political intrigue and betrayal. Life abounds in the universe with every hospitable niche occupied, much primitive, some complex and occasionally intelligent. The abundance of life leads to fierce competition for resources and produces strange encounters. Three species exist among the stars, one of which is human. They are destined to meet amid conflict.

Author: M.B. Wood

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