Collection: Cheryl Hardy

Margaret Cheryl Hardy was a former journalist who loved interviewing people about their lives, holistic living, the environment, and Mother Earth. She wrote for the Daily Sentinel and was a featured writer for the Augusta Times and Rocky Mountain News and she also worked with non-profit organizations writing grants. Writing under the name Cheryl Hardy, her published non-fiction titles include Energetic Patterns: Healing Touch Case Studies (Vol. 1) and Collecting Your Bones. Being Noah is her first novel.

Cheryl’s love of writing was a focus for most of her life. She treated writing as a creative and spiritual experience. She received a BA in Journalism from Mesa College in 1976. In 2019 Cheryl received her MFA from Western Colorado University, but she passed away shortly before graduation.

Cheryl recently worked as a certified healing touch instructor and taught a program and workshop focusing on holistic living. Cheryl has one son, two daughters, and seven grandchildren and she resided in Colorado.

Cheryl Hardy