Collection: J.A. Pitts

John “J.A.” Pitts learned to love science fiction at the knee of his grandmother, listening to her read authors like Edgar Rice Burroughs and Robert E. Howard during his childhood in Kentucky. His favorite place in the whole wide world was the library where he could become so lost in story that he didn’t want to ever leave. He still lives his life surrounded by books and story. A collector of myths and legends, John relishes the moment when an audience gasps or cries, laughs or winces at a particularly vivid tale. Selling his own tales still comes as a surprise to him.

The first three books in the Sarah Beauhall urban fantasy series–Black Blade Blues (2010), Honeyed Words (2011), Forged in Fire (2012)–are published by Tor. The fourth book, Night Terrors (2016), is published by Wordfire Press. His first short story collection, Bravado’s House of Blues, came out in 2013 from Fairwood Press.

John has a BA in English and a Masters of Library Science from University of Kentucky. He is a member of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America and the Dark Forces Defense League.

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J.A. Pitts