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The Trinity Paradox

The Trinity Paradox


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Activist Elizabeth Devane wished for an end to nuclear weapons.

Surely, she thought, if they’d known what they were unleashing, the scientists of the Manhattan Project would never have created such a terrible instrument of destruction. But during a protest action, the unthinkable happened: a flash of light, a silent confusion, and Elizabeth awakes to find herself alone in a desolate desert arroyo … and almost fifty years in the past. June 1944. Los Alamos, New Mexico. While the Allies battle in the Pacific and begin the Normandy invasion in Europe, Nazi Germany deviates from the timeline Elizabeth knows and uses its newfound nuclear arsenal against America. Somehow, someway, Elizabeth has been given the chance to put the genie back in the bottle … yet could she—should she—attempt the greatest sabotage in history?

eBook ISBN: 978-0-96735-487-3 
Trade paperback ISBN: 978-1-61475-109-0 
322 pages

Author: Kevin J. Anderson

Author: Doug Beason

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