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The Stolen Gospels: The Stolen Gospels 1

The Stolen Gospels: The Stolen Gospels 1


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Lori Vale, a rebellious teen, is thrust into the middle of a violent religious conflict when her mother is murdered, and the girl is taken to a fortress in an ancient Greek monastery.

There, a group of radical women is creating an earthshaking religious text. The Holy Women’s Bible will include the Old and New Testaments, edited to alter gospels that are detrimental to the interests of women, such as passages asserting that they should obey their husbands, remain silent in churches, and suffer the burden of Eve’s sins. The Holy Women’s Bible also holds a a bombshell: the Testament of the She-Apostles. It asserts that Jesus Christ had 24 apostles, and half were women called “she-apostles.”

Eleven she-apostles have been reincarnated in modern times as female children, and are revealing new female-oriented gospels about the life of Jesus, stories they say were omitted from the Bible by male church authorities who decided what to include in the Bible and what to leave out, in order to assert the power and dominance of men over women. The radical women have dangerous enemies, and Lori’s life is in grave peril, along with the lives of the remarkable female apostles of Jesus.…

eBook ISBN: 978-1-61475-031-4 
Trade paperback ISBN: 978-1-61475-034-5
308 pages

Author: Brian Herbert


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