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The Lady and the Tiger: Taylor's Ark 3

The Lady and the Tiger: Taylor's Ark 3


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When Dr. Shona Taylor takes her family and her medical menagerie to her new assignment on the gorgeous planet of Jardindor, she expects it to be an easy assignment, catering to a very wealthy clientele.

To her surprise, the colonists have a secret, a most unusual menagerie of their own. Shona and her family fall into danger as the owners of the planet fear that she might reveal their secrets to the rest of the galaxy.

Dr. Shona Taylor takes on a new assignment, and discovers a chilling reality behind a picture perfect planet…

What price for paradise?

Jardindor is, by most estimates, a new Eden: from the number of trees to the exact spacing of every lamppost and garden, the alien planet is perfection, a totally controlled terraformed world on the outreaches of colonized space. When Dr. Shona Taylor receives her posting as physician to the settlers on Jardindor, she packs up her family – children and medical menagerie, as well as Chirwl, the alien ottle – expecting a very serene six months.

But the people of Jardindor are guarding more than their perfect world. They’re hiding a dark secret, and as Shona learns more about her new hosts and their strange fascination with animals, her new job turns into a nightmare.

eBook ISBN: 978-1-61475-342-1 
Trade paperback ISBN: 978-1-61475-445-9
Hardcover ISBN: 978-1-68057-579-8
332 pages

Author: Jody Lynn Nye

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