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The Comet Chronicles: Sidney’s Comet & The Garbage Chronicles

The Comet Chronicles: Sidney’s Comet & The Garbage Chronicles


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Two complete novels from New York Times bestselling author Brian Herbert


For centuries the slobs who inhabit the Earth have been rocketing their refuse into the Galaxy, carelessly littering the cosmos with wrappers and peelings and bottles and cans. But now the universe is about to get even. What goes up must come down…

An immense comet of garbage has been sighted on a collision course for Earth! Only one man can stop it: a human discard, a lowly government worker who dreams of becoming a Space Patrol Captain but could never pass the physical—the unheroic, the imperfect, the one-and-only Sidney Malloy!

“Brian Herbert’s work is unusually inventive and original. He displays real talent.”—Publishers Weekly

Sidney’s Comet and The Garbage Chronicles

eBook ISBN: 9781614754053

Author: Brian Herbert


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