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Son of Avonar: Bridge of D'Arnath 1

Son of Avonar: Bridge of D'Arnath 1


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A violent fugitive who cannot speak, who has no past.

A disgraced noblewoman who would rather forget her past.

And a world of magic that has turned against both of them.

Seriana Marguerite, daughter of a warrior house, once believed that intelligence, determination, and love could avert the consequences of youthful rebellion.

She was wrong.

Violating the singular tenet of the Four Realms—that sorcery and all who practice it must be reported and exterminated—brought torment and death to those closest to her. Only her family’s influence preserved her own life, a mercy for which she has never been thankful.

Over the years Seri has adapted to poverty and exile, far from royal intrigues and the politics of power. But her bitter peace collapses on the day she encounters a half-mad fugitive—a man incapable of speech, yet skilled at violence.

The discovery that one of his dead-eyed pursuers is the man responsible for the horrors of her past forces Seri onto a path of anguished memory and ancient riddles, a race to unravel the mysteries of the fugitive’s identity, his mission, and a looming danger that could shatter the very foundation of the world.

“Berg is a master of pacing... Powerful and suspenseful, Son of Avonar will keep you up long past your bedtime."—The Davis Enterprise 

"[Son of Avonar] is the sort of book you swallow all in one piece and then sit twitching on hot coals, waitingfor the next installment... interesting, emotional, well-paced. A great read in itself and an excellent beginning to a promising series."—SFFWorld 

"The slow and steady worldbuilding kept my attention, but my favorite part of the novel was, as usual with Berg, the characterization."—Victoria McManus, SFFRevu 

"Berg exhibits her skill with language, world-building and the intelligent development of the magic that affects and is affected by the characters. The first book of The Bridge of D t Arnath launches a promising new multivolume work that should provide much intelligent entertainment."—Booklist 

..a strong series debut... Berg brilliantly brings out her characters... "—The Denver Post 

"The tale in Son of Avonar is actually two, braided together... How these two stories eventually come together is a pleasant surprise. [Seri] is an excellent main heroine."—SFSite 

"...excellent dark fantasy with a liberal dash of court intrigue. Read this if you're tired of fantasy so sweet it makes your teeth squeak. Highly recommended."—The Broadsheet 

"If you're tired of cotton-candy fantasy full of cute little unicorns and fairies, this is the book for you. There is much in it of mystery and puzzles, with a sprinkle of romance. Highly recommended."—Infinity Plus 

" ...a fantasy masterpiece... "—Midwest Book Reviews 

eBook ISBN: 978-1-68057-315-2
Trade paperback ISBN: 978-1-68057-314-5
Hardcover ISBN:
442 pages
Author: Carol Berg

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