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Dangerous Worlds

Dangerous Worlds


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This is the first collection of Brian Herbert’s short fiction, a volume that is packed with highly imaginative, intriguing stories and ideas.

In the previously unpublished “Death of the Internet,: Under Burning Skies,” the internet is wiped out—forever!—leaving hundreds of millions of people unable to function without a technology that they have become addicted to, and totally dependent upon. Another previously unpublished story, "Earth Games" describes an alien world where Earth people are kept prisoner and forced to perform competitions with hotrod automobiles.

Those games strongly resemble rush-hour commute experiences in major U.S. cities, where drivers compete for lane space and make rude hand gestures to one another. A slight difference: the cars in this story have machine guns on the fenders, and cannons on the rooftops! Two of the stories in this collection—“Earth Games” and “The Stakeout”—were edited by Brian’s father Frank Herbert, the famed author of Dune in the early 1980s, and rewritten by Brian with those expert comments in mind.

212 Pages
eBook ISBN: 978-1-61475-384-1 
Trade Paperback ISBN: 978-1-61475-383-4 
Author: Brian Herbert


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