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Capable of Honor: Advise and Consent 3

Capable of Honor: Advise and Consent 3


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It is one of the most fundamental questions facing America today:

How justifiably, or irresponsibly, do the volatile and unbiased American media—press, television and radio—attempt to interfere with, and control, the political process and the foreign policy of the nation? In a hotly fought Presidential primary, the news media fractures along ideological lines, supporting and distorting the candidates’ records, manipulating the news rather than covering it.  

Capable of Honor, the third novel in the grand, bestselling Advise and Consent saga, is a compelling blockbuster that shines a harsh and revealing spotlight on how the media shapes the news, guides public opinion, creates policy—and tries to shape history itself.

eBook ISBN 978-1-61475-181-6
Trade Paperback ISBN 978-1-61475-182-3
533 Pages

Author: Allen Drury

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