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A God Against the Gods

A God Against the Gods


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The sweeping chronicle of a great and tragic pharaoh who lost his throne for the love of a god.

In the glory of ancient Egypt, an epic of a royal family divided, bloody power ploys, and religious wars that nearly tore apart one of the greatest empires in human history.

AKHENATEN: The dream-filled King of Egypt, who dared to challenge the ancient order of his people and dethrone the jealous deities of his land for the glory of one almighty God.

NEFERTITI: The most beautiful woman in the world, bred from birth to be the Pharaoh’s devoted lover—and to follow him anywhere, even in his tortured obsessions.

“Drury’s best book”— Fort Worth Star Telegram

Available in audiobook format here! Narrated by DW Draffin

A God Against the Gods was released on May 21, 2015
Ebook ISBN: 978-1-61475-282-0
Trade paperback ISBN: 978-1-61475-281-3
359 pages

Author: Allen Drury


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