Collection: Loren L. Coleman

Loren L. Coleman is a science-fiction writer, born and raised in Longview, Washington.

He has written many books for series such as Star Trek, Battletech/Mechwarrior, Age of Conan, Crimson Skies, Magic: The Gathering, and others. Former member of the US Navy, he has also written game fiction and source material for such companies as FASA Corporation, TSR, Inc. and Wizards of the Coast. In early 2010s, he began writing The ICAS Files, a series of science fiction short stories.

He is one of the founders of InMediaRes, a company that created the Catalyst Game Labs imprint from which to publish their Shadowrun, and Classic BattleTech licensed properties, as well as other material which could be produced or licensed at a later date.

He resides in Washington with his wife Heather and three children. Learn more about Loren and his work at

Loren L. Coleman