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Jan Herbert is an accomplished photographer, interior designer, painter, and sculptor. She went to the prestigious Cornish Institute in Seattle for four years, and to Paris, France with a Cornish study group, where she studied at the Sorbonne. Many of her photos are from her world travels, to all corners of the earth. Her photographs have been featured at exhibitions in California. She has also worked as an assistant animal trainer on major movies, including Phenomenon, and on the television series, Amazing Grace.

The wife of bestselling author Brian Herbert, Jan has been his creative confidante since he began writing more than thirty years ago. In addition, she takes the photographs of him for his book covers.

She, her husband, and their three daughters lived for a time near the remote town of Hana on the Hawaiian island of Maui. It was there that Jan fell in love with Hawaii and its tropical seas, causing her to return to the islands many times after she and her family moved back to the mainland. After one trip to Hawaii, she returned to Seattle with an incredible idea for a story that she brainstormed with Brian. Based upon her spectacular idea, Brian wrote Ocean, for which she is credited as coauthor. Ocean is a novel of immense scope and social significance. In this highly original novel, dangerous sea creatures declare war on humankind in retaliation for the harm that people have done to the waters. The sea creatures even hurl mankind’s floating plastic and other garbage back up on the beaches, forcing humans to clean up their own messes!

Jan Herbert

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