June 12th Weekly Update

June 12th Weekly Update

Unlock Your Midweek Adventure with 99-Cent Deals at WordFire Press!

Are you a bookworm looking for a midweek escape? Or perhaps you just need a little pick-me-up to get through the hump day? Whatever the case, we’ve got exciting news for you! Every Wednesday, WordFire Press offers an exclusive selection of 99-cent deals, giving you the perfect opportunity to dive into new adventures without breaking the bank. This week, we have three incredible books lined up for you. Let’s explore what each one has to offer!

1. "Worldbuilding: From Small Towns to Entire Universes" by Kevin J. Anderson

Genre: Nonfiction/Authorship Education & Reference
Synopsis: International bestseller Anderson has created many extensive fictional universes, ranging from sweeping galactic empires to complex steampunk fantasies, to humorous monster-filled cities.

He has become known for his skill in worldbuilding. In Worldbuilding: From Small Towns to Entire Universes he describes his techniques in creating a rich fictional setting, leading writers through the countless questions and topics one must consider. Whether it's geography, climate, politics, economics, society, religion, science, arts, or history, all of these ingredients form the basis for a believable setting for your story to unfold.

2. "Mythology Abroad" by Jody Lynn Nye

Genre: Fantasy
Synopsis: Keith Doyle, business major at Midwestern University, with an unofficial minor in mystical studies and magic overseen by his Little Folk friends, flies off to spend the summer on an educational tour of archaeological sites of the British Isles and Ireland with his best friend, Holl. They hope to locate signs of Holl’s long-lost relations as well as to help fulfill a traditional rite that will permit Holl to marry his beloved Maura. Keith’s reckless exploits attract the attention of not only magical folk who are far less friendly than the Little Folk back home, but human smugglers. The Master and Keith’s girlfriend Diane are forced to come to their aid. Can Keith keep from losing his college credits and Holl his one chance at happiness? 

3. "Nexus" by Mike Baron

Genre: Science Fiction
Synopsis: The popular comic hero stars in his first novel! 

Nexus is the greatest avenger the galaxy has ever known. He has faced mass murderers and alien monsters. 

But his power comes from an alien race with its own agenda. Is the mighty Nexus hero or pawn? Deliverer or destroyer? 

Gourmando, the devourer of worlds, now has an appetite for Ylum, the home of Nexus.  

How can one man, no matter how powerful, stop an entity that consumes whole planets? 

Based on the bestselling comic book created by Mike Baron and Steve Rude, this is Nexus’s greatest adventure (for now, at least!). 

How to Grab These Deals

Getting your hands on these 99-cent deals is easy. Simply head over to the WordFire Press home page every Wednesday and look for the special 99-cent deals section. Your book’s will be delivered via an email delivery, allowing you to start reading right away. Don't miss out on these limited-time offers—set a reminder to check back each week for new selections!

Why Midweek Reading is the Best

Reading is a fantastic way to de-stress and take a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life. By indulging in these midweek deals, you can:

  • Recharge Your Mind: Escape into different worlds and give your mind a much-needed break from work or school.
  • Explore New Genres: With affordable deals, you can experiment with genres you might not typically read.
  • Stay Entertained: Whether you’re commuting, on a lunch break, or winding down for the night, a good book is always the perfect companion.


Don’t let the midweek slump get you down. With WordFire Press’s Wednesday 99-cent deals, you can embark on thrilling adventures, fall in love, and explore the cosmos—all for less than a dollar. So mark your calendar, grab your e-reader, and get ready to discover your next favorite book. Happy reading!

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