Coming Soon! Prophecy of Death and Madness

Coming Soon! Prophecy of Death and Madness

WordFire Press is proud to announce the forthcoming publication of Prophecy of Death and Madness, by John Haas.

Prophecy of Death and Madness is the third installment of Hass’s popular Victorian era gaslamp cosmic horror series, The Book of Ancient Evil. The first novel in the series, Cults of Death and Madness, is a prequel to Haas’s novelette “Damned Voyage” which appeared in Writers of the Future volume 35. The second installment is Book of Death and Madness, which was released in April of 2023.

About the author:

John Haas is a Canadian author, born and raised in Montreal before moving to Calgary, where he lived for twelve wonderful years. Now he lives in Canada’s capital, Ottawa, but still misses seeing those Rocky Mountains in the distance. John has been writing for most of his life, but only became serious about being published in the last decade or so. In that time he has published twenty short stories in various venues, including Writers of the Future volume 35. His first three novels have also been released—The Reluctant Barbarian (2017), The Wayward Spider (2019) and The Unavoidable Quests (2020), a fun and humorous fantasy trilogy. Currently he is hard at work on the next novel of Shaw and Singh’s struggles against the forces of darkness. His goal is to become a full-time writer (rich and famous would be nice too, but not the main goal). He lives with his two wonderful sons who continue to give him motivation, support and time to write. 

Prophecy of Death and Madness is expected to be released in eBook, trade paperback and jacketed hardcover formats in autumn of 2024. For author interviews and additional information, please email me at

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