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William C. Dietz is the New York Times bestselling author of more than forty novels. Dietz also wrote the script for the Legion of the Damned game (iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad) based on his book of the same name—and co-wrote Sony’s Resistance: Burning Skies game for the PS Vita along with Mike Bates. Dietz has written a number of notable tie-in novels including Halo: The Flood based on the popular Halo series of video games, as well as three Star Wars books featuring the adventures of Kyle Katarn, and two books in the popular Resistance universe.

Dietz grew up in the Seattle area, spent time with the Navy and Marine Corps as a Corpsman, graduated from the University of Washington, lived in Africa for half a year, and has traveled to six continents. Dietz and his wife Marjorie live near the city of Gig Harbor in Washington State.

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