July 20, 2015

The Love-Haight Case Files

The Love-Haight Case Files
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Series: Love-Haight, Book 1
Genres: All, Dark Fantasy, Fiction, Humor, Mystery, Suspense/Thriller, Urban Fantasy
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The launch of a wild new urban fantasy series! San Francisco. Haight-Ashbury. It is midnight in the Summer of Love.
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About the Book

Thomas Brock and Evelyn Love are attorneys who crusade for the rights of OTs—Other-Than-Humans. Their clients include ghosts, gargoyles, vampires, and things that have not yet been given names. The city’s OT element is sometimes malevolent, sometimes misunderstood, and often discriminated against. Brock and Love represent them, whatever the case, whatever the species. Magic hangs heavy in San Francisco, and danger and intrigue is as thick as the fog around the Golden Gate Bridge.

“Love-Haight is a comedy, locked within a mystery, hidden in a horror story… Wonderfully clever, stylish, and ghoulish. Delightfully twisted fun!” —William C. Dietz, New York Times bestselling creator of The Legion of the Damned®

“Making the freakiest burg in the nation ten times freakier is a considerable achievement.” —Glen Cook, bestselling author of The Black Company series

The Walking Dead meets Law & Order in this first episode of what promises to be a gripping mystery series. In Love-Haight a story that begins as an off-the-wall courtroom drama quickly takes an unexpected turn, and then another, and another, drawing us ever deeper into an intriguing mystery driven by insidious motivations. Jump on for the ride. It’s going to be a good one.” —Bradley P. Beaulieu, award-winning author of Winds of Khalakovo and The Straits of Galahesh

“A seamless blend of horror, romance, and legal intrigue that makes for an urban fantasy-laced cocktail of literary delights sure to thrill readers of all stripes. Don’t miss Love-Haight!” —New York Times bestselling author Matt Forbeck

“Part fantasy noir, part supernatural legal thriller, Love-Haight sparkles with wit and originality. Fans of urban fantasy are sure to love Thomas Brock and Evelyn Love!” —Troy Denning, New York Times bestselling author

“You have to enjoy a book where they kill the lawyer and he still defends his undead clients.” —New York Times bestselling author Jody Lynn Nye

Love-Haight is a great read. I really like the way the authors combine genres: the paranormal with legal thriller, and hard-boiled PI. I loved the way that the neighborhood and its denizens became an integral part of the story. Looking forward to the next installment!” —Elizabeth A. Vaughan, USA Today bestselling author of The Chronicle of the Warlands: WarCry

About the Author
Jean Rabe

Jean Rabe has written thirty fantasy, science fiction, and adventure novels, and more than seventy short stories. When she's not writing--which isn't often--she's editing…more than 100 magazine issues and a few dozen anthologies. Her genre writing includes military, urban fantasy, mystery, horror, Western, and contemporary. Find more at jeanrabe.com