May 6, 2017

Prospero Regained

About the Book

Shakespeare meets Dante as Miranda races to gather her siblings and rescue her father…from Hell.

Prospero, the exiled sorcerer made famous in William Shakespeare’s play, The Tempest, has endured throughout many centuries. His daughter Miranda runs the family business—Prospero, Inc.—so smoothly that most of modern humanity has no idea that the Prosperos’ magic has protected Earth from repeated disasters. But old Prospero himself has been kidnapped by demons from Hell, and Miranda, aided by her estranged siblings, has followed her father into the depths of the underworld to save him from a certain doom at the hands of vengeful demons.

Time is running out for Miranda, and for the great magician himself, as they battle against the most terrifying forces of the Pit.

“No ordinary urban fantasy, but a treasure trove of nifty ideas and intriguing revelations.”—Publisher’s Weekly on Prospero Lost
Shakespeare meets Dante as Miranda races to gather her siblings and rescue her father…from Hell.

Genres: Adventure, All, Fantasy, Fiction, Urban Fantasy
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About the Author
L. Jagi Lamplighter

L. Jagi Lamplighter is the author of the Prospero’s Children series: Prospero Lost, Prospero In Hell, and Prospero Regained. She is also the author of the YA fantasy series: The Books of Unexpected Enlightenment. She has published numerous articles on Japanese animation and appears in several short story anthologies, including God, Robot, Forbidden Thoughts, Best Of Dreams Of Decadence, No Longer Dreams, Coliseum Morpheuon, Bad-Ass Faeries Anthologies (where she is also an assistant editor) and the Science Fiction Book Club’s Don’t Open This Book.

When not writing, she switches to her secret identity as wife and stay-home mom in Centreville, VA, where she lives with her dashing husband, author John C. Wright, and their four darling children, Orville, Ping-Ping Eve, Roland Wilbur, and Justinian Oberon.  Find her online at