February 17, 2017

Lost Among the Stars

Lost Among the Stars

Eleven stories, including one never-before-seen, ranging across a wide spectrum of the fantastic, from cyberpunk to alternate history, steampunk to New Weird, fairytale to day-after-tomorrow.

In this astonishing, variegated assortment of tales, award-winning author Paul Di Filippo covers all the themes and modes he is best-known for, and ventures into new territory as well. —Visit a hermetic city where beauty is the only currency. —Experience a steampunk fable in which nothing is what it first seems, and a young man’s future rests on finding his true father. —Hang out with the techno-savvy, social-media gypsies who form the new elite in the not-too-distant future. —Ride a wild ribofunk express train into the badlands where a man’s skin is not his own. —Experience a counterfacutal World War II where victory is acheived by amazing rays. —Vist a haunted Italian city where the Neolithic and the present live side-by-side, and a hero who falls in love with a goddess must battle her ancient foe. —Visit an Orwellian future redeemed only by the imagination and love of a tortured dissenter. These are just some of the uncanny tales contained in this collection, incorporating comedy and tragedy, laughter and tears!
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About the Book
Genres: All, Alternate History, Fiction, Short Story, Steampunk
Tag: Lost Among the Stars
ISBN: 9781614754657
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About the Author
Paul Di Filippo

A native Rhode Islander, Paul Di Filippo was born in 1954. A voracious reader from the time of the first grade, he encountered his first comic in 1961: MIGHTY MOUSE IN OUTER SPACE. This engendered a lifelong delight in the comicbook medium, and he has since gone on to write for both Marvel and DC. He dates the reading of his first "adult" SF book to fifth grade a few years later: THE YEAR WHEN STARDUST FELL by Raymond F. Jones. It was in this same year that he authored his first story: two laboriously typed pages involving Napolean Solo and Ilya Kuryakin. Thus he can claim to have his roots in fan fiction. In high school he wrote humor columns for the school's newspaper, thus presaging his PLUMAGE FROM PEGASUS pieces that appear regularly in F&SF. After graduation in 1973, he plunged precipitously into fandom by attending Torcon II. By college, he had sold his first story, a homage/pastiche of Barry Malzberg's canon. It took a few years after that to get up to speed, but by this date he has sold over 200 stories. Some thirty-plus books bear his byline. He lives in Providence, HPL's burg, with his mate of forty years, Deborah Newton, but has yet to see a shoggoth or night-gaunt. However, some of the  people here are just as strange. Learn more at paul-di-filippo.com.