July 31, 2017

Living Dead Girl

About the Book

Serafina Raider did not volunteer for the job of ghost hunter. Instead she was murdered and magically returned to her body to take up the role of defending the world against evil spirits. She doesn’t want the job, or her partner, Devan Nolan, the man who killed her.

But in BLACK SNOW she does accept the task of hunting down a serial killer even if ghost hunters are specifically forbidden from interfering in mortal affairs.

In BAD WOLF, Serafina must take on the escaped ghost she has tracked and trapped before. Only this time the danger is worse. The ghost has attached itself to a werewolf and is forcing the haunted creature to murder innocent humans.

In CAGED GLASS Sera knows she must finally defeat the ghost of her mother. Sera would rather be running a restaurant instead of ghost hunting with her partners, Devan and Tony.


But defeating the ghost with traditional methods proves impossible. Sera has to learn to use magic and must put her trust in a pair of witches who are also the grandparents who abandoned her when she was a baby. The need to protect those she loves, along with dire threats concerning her own future from the forces of Heaven, push Sera to do whatever she must to defeat the dangerous ghost of her own mother.

Genres: All, Dark Fantasy, Fantasy, Fiction, Urban Fantasy
Tag: Living Dead Girl
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About the Author
Susan Sizemore

Susan Sizemore is the New York Times, Award Winning Author of The Vampire Primes paranormal Romance series, the urban fantasy Laws of the Blood series and numerous historical, contemporary and futuristic romances. She has numerous short stories in many anthologies. Her fantasy novels include works for Ace, Five Star, Prime Books and Tor. She is the author of original works, MEMORY OF MORNING, PRIMAL CALL, BY SUN AND CANDLELIGHT and WRITTEN IN INK exclusively available in ebook format.