September 8, 2017

Joanna Crusader

About the Book

An epic novel of the Crusades.

Joanna Plantagenet accompanies her brother Richard the Lionheart on the Third Crusade—the only woman to visit Saracen-held Jerusalem. When she returns to France, Joanna learns that her renowned brother has been captured and held hostage, and with Richard’s wife Berengaria, she most work for his release. And when Joanna marries for love—a rarity at the time—things go badly wrong when she finds that someone is trying to have her killed…

This is the conclusion to the grand story of a remarkable heroine from history.

Series: Joanna Plantagenet, Book 2
Genres: Adventure, Alternate History, Fantasy, Fiction
Tag: Joanna Crusader
ASIN: B07564L4MZ
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About the Author
Hilary Benford

Hilary Benford was born and raised in England. She has a degree in French literature from King’s College, London, and also studied in Cambridge, Paris and Strasbourg. At various times, she lived and worked in France, including a year in Rodez where she taught English in a lycée. She also taught French in England, and later in California.

In 1980 she co-authored Timescape with her brother-in-law, Gregory Benford. She has written a two-book series of historical novels about Joanna Plantagenet, Sister of the Lionheart and Joanna Crusader.

She has a life-long interest in history, especially medieval English history. She also loves to travel and has visited all the sites mentioned in the Joanna novels, from Fontevrault and Winchester to Palermo, Limassol, and Acre.

She currently lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband, a physicist.

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