October 4, 2013


Genres: All, Fantasy, Fiction, Paranormal, Science Fiction, Suspense/Thriller
Tag: Jaguar
ASIN: B0054SLB88
A parallel-universe psychological thriller where one madman warrior, the Jaguar, crosses the barrier between worlds to control his victims through dreams, including dreams that kill. Two children learn to travel the dreamways to stop him, or to die trying.
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About the Book

In waking life, he is a combat vet with a mysterious sleep disorder, confined to a VA hospital bed. When he sleeps, he roams the plains of another world, invading the minds of the people as they dream and forcing them to do his will. They call him . . . Jaguar.

In both worlds, there are those who know the Jaguar’s secret. They are learning to link their minds across the void between worlds, following the dreampaths the Jaguar created—all the way back to where his body lies helpless . . . an easy target for their justice.

About the Author
Bill Ransom

Bill Ransom is an accomplished novelist and poet from the Pacific Northwest. His original solo novels include the high-tech SF thrillers Jaguar, Burn, and Viravax. With Frank Herbert, he wrote the three novels in the Pandora Sequence, The Jesus Incident, The Lazarus Effect, and The Ascension Factor. His poetry has been nominated for the Pulitzer Prize and the National Book Award.