October 4, 2013

Gamearth 1: Gamearth

Gamearth 1: Gamearth
Series: Gamearth, Book 1
Genres: All, Epic Fantasy, Fantasy, Fiction
Tag: Gamearth
ASIN: 1614750890
It was supposed to be just another Sunday night fantasy game—and that’s all it was to David, Tyrone and Scott. But to Melanie, who had set down the Rules of Gamearth and carefully crafted the world map, the game had become so real that all their creations—humans, sorcerers, dragons, ogres, panther-folk, cyclops—now had existences of their own.
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About the Book

Gamearth: It was supposed to be just another Sunday night fantasy role-playing game for David, Tyrone, Scott, and Melanie. But after years of playing, the game had become so real that all their creations–humans, sorcerers, dragons, ogres, panther-folk, cyclops–now had existences of their own. And when the four outside players decide to end their game, the characters inside the world of Gamearth–warriors, scholars, and the few remaining wielders of magic–band together to keep their land from vanishing. Now they must embark on a desperate quest for their own magic–magic that can twist the Rules enough to save them all from the evil that the players created to destroy their entire world.

About the Author
Kevin J. Anderson

Kevin J. Anderson has published 125 books, more than fifty of which have been national or international bestsellers. He has written numerous novels in the Star Wars, X-Files, and Dune universes, as well as steampunk fantasy novels, Clockwork Angels and Clockwork Lives, co-created with Neil Peart, drummer and lyricist for the legendary rock group Rush. His original works include the Saga of Seven Suns series, the Terra Incognita fantasy trilogy, and his humorous horror series featuring Dan Shamble, Zombie PI. He has edited numerous anthologies, including the Five by Five and Blood Lite series. Anderson and his wife Rebecca Moesta are the publishers of WordFire Press. Learn more at WordFire.com.