June 16, 2016

Fifth Foreign Legion: Omnibus

Fifth Foreign Legion: Omnibus
All three grand military SF adventures featuring the Fifth Foreign Legion—on the front lines in the hottest and strangest conflicts in the galaxy. Contains the complete novels March or Die, Honor and Fidelity, and Cohort of the Damned.
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About the Author
William Keith

New York Times bestselling author William H. Keith began his career in the RPG industry over 30 years ago, first as an artist and then as a writer. His work encompasses geopolitical technothrillers, alternative military history, and military science fiction, with a sprinkling of young adult SF, detective SF, horror, and fantasy.

As the author of over 100 novels, he occasionally lifts his nose from the grindstone long enough to attend SF cons and Mensa gatherings, hike in his beloved Laurel Mountains, and pet the cats. Learn more at whkeith.com.

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