November 13, 2016

The Demon in Business Class

The Demon in Business Class

The Demon in Business Class is a globalized fantasy in crisp, cinematic style, set in cities around the world. Zarabeth, a demon- enhanced corporate spy, tries to start the next global war. Gabriel, a reluctant psychic, tries to avert it. When they meet, they fall in love, knowing they are rivals. The demon's betrayal forces them into direct conflict - but for both to survive, neither one can win.

A modern day fantasy set around the world— A demon-possessed spy trying to start the next global war falls in love with a psychic trying to stop it.  A shady powerbroker forces Zarabeth Battrie into a secret plan to start the next global war, giving her a demon that lets her speak all languages. But the people now trying to kill Zarabeth might know more about her job than she does.  When hallucinations drive Gabriel Archer to violence, a steely investigator shows Gabriel his repressed psychic powers. Recruited to help a visionary corporate leader turn others from evil, Gabriel struggles to master his own senses, and his doubts.  When Zarabeth and Gabriel meet by chance in Scotland, their brief passion becomes a fragile, troubling love, until the demon's betrayal drives Gabriel away. Before Zarabeth's cruel vengeance can destroy the visionary's plans, Gabriel must stop her—but for both to survive, neither can win.  With witches, gangsters, prophets, cultists, and two angry angels, The Demon in Business Class is an edgy modern-day fantasy set around the world, on the uneasy ground where the worldly meets the divine.
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Anthony Dobranski

Anthony Dobranski grew up in the Washington DC suburbs and lives in the city now. His first novel is the international modern-day fantasy The Demon in Business Class. He studied English at Yale and has a complete collection of Philip K. Dick novels. In his first career he worked for AOL in Europe and Asia-Pacific, which gave him the international corporate background for Demon. When not writing or reading, he likes travel, odd movies, challenging theater, and skiing black-diamond bumps. He is currently writing his second novel.  Learn more at