September 17, 2014

Charisma +1: Guide to Convention Etiquette for Gamers, Geeks & the Socially Awkward

Charisma +1: Guide to Convention Etiquette for Gamers, Geeks & the Socially Awkward
A humorous guide to good behavior for science fiction, comics, gaming, pop-culture, anime, and cosplay conventions.
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About the Book

In D&D there are certain attributes you start with, just as in life there are certain things you’re born with: Strength, Will, Charisma, Wisdom, Intelligence and Constitution. Whether you’re a veteran convention attendee, a con-virgin, a volunteer, a vendor, or a guest, everyone can use a bump in their life stats.

Do you know what the 6-2-1 rule is? What do Barbarians and cell phones have to do with hygiene? Do you know when it’s okay to take a photograph? How do you flirt with that cute girl or guy across the room? Who are Booth Babes really?

In Charisma +1 you will find:

  • Suggestions on how to network, flirt, and interact with attendees
  • Tips for dealing with crowds, people in costume, and that weirdo that keeps following you around
  • Rules for keeping yourself sane, happy and safe
  • Advice on shopping, attending panels, dealing with volunteers, vendors, staff and other attendees
About the Author
Jessica Brawner

Jessica Brawner grew up in the wilds of South Texas and plotted ways to spend her life traveling the world. She has been remarkably successful at that endeavor, attending school and travelling all over Europe at the age of eighteen, moving back to the United States to achieve two bachelor’s degrees, and then moving to Central Asia for a time with the Peace Corps. Fifteen years ago she discovered the wonders of Science Fiction and Fantasy conventions and the crazy, loveable, friends-are-the-family-you-choose mentality found there. She spent many years working as a booth babe and volunteering at conventions all over the country.

In addition to her convention activities, Ms. Brawner has developed and taught self-defense classes, worked as an event planner, an entertainment agent, a computer teacher, and a personal assistant. More recently she has channeled her adventures and her time into writing, and running several different small businesses. Her newest ventures are Story of the Month Club—Excellent Stories To Your Inbox ( and Life Stats (