March 6, 2017

Blood of Akhilles

Blood of Akhilles
BLOOD OF AKHILLES tells the story of the first year in the reign of twenty-year-old Alexander before he became known as the Great, a tale told in part by Alexander’s horse, Boukephalos, the reincarnation of one of Akhilles’ immortal horses from Troy. When King Philip is struck down on his day of triumph, his empire splinters. Alexander avenges his father, crushes all rebellions, and reunites Hellas under his absolute rule, then turns his eyes East toward conquest.
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About the Book

King Philip lies dead in the theatre, struck down like a sacrificial bull on his day of triumph in front of all the subject nations of Hellas.

Twenty-year-old Alexander, son of Philip, must seize his father’s throne and, harder still, he must hold it against his many rivals, who are Philip’s veteran generals and noblemen, a royal cousin who was once crowned king in his infancy, and the secret conspirators who moved the assassin’s hand, even as all the conquered cities of Hellas rise from under Philip’s dead heel to reclaim their independence from the despised Makedones.

The task is overwhelming, but Alexander has complete faith in his own destiny and he quite literally changes the face of Hellas.

Born in the Dog Star’s heat, on the sixth of the month of Loios, the very day that a wonder of the world, the great temple of Artemis at Ephesos, burned to the ground, Alexander was destined for immortality.

When such events collide, of gods and kings, such things are never coincidence.

Alexander is blood of Akhilles.

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About the Author
R.M. Meluch

R.M. Meluch has been putting stories to paper ever since she could hold a crayon. She sold her first short story when she was seventeen. Got a big $7.50 for it. She is the author of the Tour of the Merrimack series with DAW Books. Her first story with WordFire was Dagger Team Seven in the Five by Five 2: No Surrender anthology. Originally from Ohio, she now lives in New York with her husband, Stevan Apter, and a bulldog, a Rottweiler, and a great white shedding thing. Learn more at