November 2, 2017


About the Book

Accused of being a terrorist, a fugitive physicist takes flight in a gritty future world where the government has gone insane.
Rob MacAulay has followed the flight of seabirds all his life, as well as the elusive nature of quantum field theory. He is a brilliant physicist, famed for solving the Unity Theory, a tall, gentle man with glasses and a tweed jacket.
And he is framed as a terrorist.

Now, on the run from the police and under the steamroller of politics, MacAulay is on a flight of his own. As the EU fractures around him, MacAulay learns that his scientific reputation means little when the world is out to get him.

Thomas Heddiman, technical consultant with the police, finds himself both running with the fox and hunting with the hounds as he pursues MacAulay. But the tall, gentle physicist is an odd bird…and capturing him doesn’t go as planned.

Award winning author R.A. MacAvoy (Tea with the Black Dragon, The Book of Kells) joins with artist and storyteller Nancy Palmer to present a tale of the possible future: human anger, human compassion, and a man who turns out to be a very unusual bird indeed.

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Genres: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Science Fiction
Tag: Albatross
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About the Author
R.A. MacAvoy

R.A. MacAvoy published her first novel in 1983. All others she has published since then can be found online, along with awards she has won or for which she was nominated.

She studied various martial arts, starting at the age of eleven, but is no longer any sort of lethal weapon.

She has raised and educated ponies and horses and been educated by them.

She dived the waters of the Pacific Ocean, which was an experience as close to being in outer space as she is likely ever to know.

She has been married to Ron Cain longer than she has been publishing books.

She is uncomfortable speaking of herself in the third-person.