Author: Quincy J. Allen

Quincy Allen is a self-proclaimed cross-genre author. What that really means is that he’s got enough ADD to not stick with any single genre and, like his cooking, prefers to mix and match to suit his appetites of the moment.

He has been published in multiple anthologies, magazines, and one omnibus. He’s written for the Internet show RadioSteam, and his published works include Chemical Burn (a finalist in the RMFW Colorado Gold Contest), Blood Ties, Blood Curse, and Out Through the Attic, his first short story collection. He works part-time as a tech-writer to pay his bills, does book design and eBook conversions for WordFire Press by night, and lives in a lovely house that he considers his very own sanctuary.
He’s an entirely all-too-busy writer taking over the world one fiction at a time.

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