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Dominic Aradio JR.

Dominic wears many hats; he is the co-founder of Aradio Brothers Studios LLC. , and is the Executive VP and Chief Operating Officer. Also he is the co-creator of the Retro Sci-Fi intellectual property Colt the Outlander. Dominic helped to forge the CTO universe and its characters; also co-writing the many CTO stories that were featured in Heavy Metal magazine. Lending his passion for aviation and weapons he helped to create and design many of the vehicles and weapon concepts in the CTO universe.

His love for all things Sci-Fi and fantasy stems back to his early childhood watching Star-Trek with is father, Dominic SR. Also on that fateful day in 1977 when his father took Dominic and his two brothers to see an obscure movie call STAR WARS, this opened his mind to whole new worlds. The first novel that he read was The Hobbit. This helped to fuel his imagination of distant lands filled with powerful warriors, horrific monsters, and magical weapons. With his mind filled with all these powerful images it manifested its self through the many forms of art and creative writing, which has always been apart of his life in one form or the other.

When not working on CTO, he has many hobbies and interests that keep him busy and out of trouble in the Big Apple. He is always exploring new interest that catches his eye. Dominic has lived and worked in NYC for over 28 years.

Robert Charles Aradio

RC’s diverse skill set and application of the DNA principles (Design – Narrative – Art) embodies his workflow ethics and capabilities. The implementation of these core principles set the foundation for the direction, vision and charted course of Aradio Brothers Studios LLC. , where he is the President and Chief Creative Director.

Multiple facets of his role with the company make him a hi-tech Swiss Army knife shifting from director/designer to one of the co-creators and co-writers of the International Retro-Sci-Fi IP notoriously known as Colt the Outlander.

For the last 15 Years, he has been the resident artist of all things Colt as featured in Heavy Metal Magazine including the many collectible artist prints and originals.  A favorite is collaborating with the core creative team at ABS on concepts for the CTO universe where immersive characters, environments, vehicles, and weapons are born.

Early childhood influences fueled creative writing, drawing, and painting leading to his chosen profession stemming from Art School in NYC and time in Brooklyn including the friendship and masterful works of mentor Grand Master Frank Frazetta.  Of corse the great fantasy & sci-fi films of the 80’s such as the Dark Crystal, Conan & Blade Runner played their part…

RC finds refuge in his passion for creating original oil paintings for his upcoming RC7 fine-art line in addition to spending time with his Wife and five children in an equally diverse family setting that includes nature walks and construction projects of all sorts.


Dante J. Pacella

Co-writer and Editor for the hit post-apocalyptic and retro Sci-Fi series, Colt the Outlander. Partner with world-building creative machine Aradio Brothers Studios. Writer for the upcoming Colt novella, The Bride Wore Black. Writer and Penciler on cosmic sagas Guns of Genocide, Worlds Apart, and Darker Sky Dawning comic book series. Writer for Fanatic Four comic book and movie blog. In his other life, Dante is a technologist with nearly 100 inventions, innovations and Internet ideas with a career that spans some of the biggest technology companies. He lives in the DC metro area with his wife and children.

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