Author: Algis Budrys

Algis Budrys (1931–2008), known as “AJ” to his students and friends, was a renowned writing instructor and well-respected editor and novelist, as well as one of the most prominent forces behind the Writers of the Future contest, workshop, and anthology series. Born in Königsberg, East Prussia, he became interested in science fiction at the age of six, shortly after coming to America, when a landlady slipped him a copy of the New York Journal-American Sunday funnies.

Algis began selling steadily to the top magazine markets at the age of twenty-one, while living in Great Neck, Long Island. He sold his first novel in 1953 and produced eight more novels including Who?, Rogue Moon, Michaelmas, and Hard Landing, plus three short story collections. In addition to writing, he was renowned as an editor, serving as editor-in-chief of Regency Books, Playboy Press, and all the titles at Woodall’s Trailer Travel publications. He also edited Tomorrow Speculative Fiction where he published numerous new authors.

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